Modest Dress Arched Crepe Ruffle Detail

$ 125

Modest Dress Arched Crepe Ruffle Detail , Everyone wants to own a piece of clothing that is both on style and cozy.

This Modest Arched Crepe Ruffle Detail Dress is one of most comfortable pieces to wear and is trendy at the same time.

The ruffles at the top of the shoulders boost your confidence and let you feel good from inside and out.

In addition the long loose sleeves provide space for you to move your arms easily without feeling controlled.

Moreover, this piece comes with a circle shape belt in the same color of the cloth.

It can be styled in variety of ways depending on the occasion you are going to.

This piece is available in 4 colors: Rouge Pink, Light Green, Black, and Beige

The model’s measurements: Waist: 66 -Chest: 85-Base 87-Length: 164



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