Modest Dress with floral daisy pattern

$ 69

This floral modest dress is the right dress for summer and spring.

The soft cotton fabric with the floral print will have you feeling good inside and out reflecting your femininity.

The loose long sleeves will allow the soft breezy air to pass giving you a feeling of airiness and coolness.

It is long covering your legs but just high enough to show your foot giving you a longer look. The waistline adds a slimming effect letting you have the best look.

The floral print gives you the energy needed to continue your day. It never gets old and is always in style. Make sure to get your hands on this piece.

This floral dress is available in 3 different color: light blue, yellowish green, reddish orange

The model’s measurements: Waist: 66-Chest: 85-Hips: 87-Length: 167 cm



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