KatKt Potik Modest Dress

$ 39

KatKt Potik Modest Dress

Summer is almost here and to enjoy the warm sunny days, there is no better than wearing cozy clothes that enhance your personality.

This Modest KatKt Potik Dress is the perfect choice to keep you cool during the hot summer days.

This dress was designed with its soft fabric and light summer colors to make you feel both comfortable and confident in it.

The dotted print gives a vintage touch to the dress while the waistline gives you a look that is both smart and attractive by accentuating your waist.

Save a space in your summer wardrobe for a piece which is both stylish and comfortable!

The dress comes in a dotted print with two different colors Ocean-ish Blue and light chocolate.

The dress is available in many sizes, giving you a wider range of choices to find the dress that enhances your beauty and fits you the best

Size: 130 cm

Matrial :  Cotton Fabric

Model Waist: 66 cm

Chest: 85cm

Basen: 87cm

Length: 167cm


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