Valentine’s Day during the Pandemic Rescue for Companies and new ways to celebrate

Valentine’s Day in the times of Pandemic: Rescue for companies and new ways to celebrate

A gift of gift shows that at least two -thirds of Poles surveyed are planning expenses on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Although Pandemia has influenced the customs of the celebration of the festival of lovers, thanks to e-commerce or the services of ordering meals with delivery, we can successfully find new forms of spending.

However, how much do we spend on the occasion of the day of lovers?

31 percent. Poles are ready to spend no more than PLN 100 on Valentine’s Day. 41 percent. in turn, it spends from PLN 100 to 300. For 14 percent. Asked Valentine’s budget is from 300 to 500 PLN and 9 percent. Poles are ready to spend over PLN 500. 5 percent. respondents, however, declares that the price does not play in the case of the implementation of Valentine’s attraction, “ because the effect is ”.

The list of sectors that gain new customers on Valentine’s Day or even an increase in expenditure of current customers is long – from florists, sweets producers after cosmetics, jewelers and restaurants. The analysis of the gift company shows that the most attractive choice is a weekend in SPA for two. 29 percent indicated this option. people. In turn, 22 percent chose wines. respondents.

We could assume that this year we will be more likely to go to a restaurant or cinemas. However, you can see that Pandemia changes not only how we buy, but also how we celebrate. Despite the declaration of relatively considerable expenses, consumers are careful, deciding to celebrate at home. In the case of Valentine’s Day. In turn, gifts on this occasion are an important item in the budgets of many online stores. According to the MasterCard report, 51 percent. Poles planned to buy a gift online. In the decade, the value of Valentine’s purchases in Poland increased by nearly 400 percent

“E-commerce marketing departments cannot pass by that day indifferently. Almost everyone is promoting themselves, because although we still spend the most on jewelry or flowers, even car manufacturers go to customers, “says Robert Stolarczyk, president of the Promotraffic agency.