Modest Dresses from Hijabyol

Whеthеr you’re challenging hem linеѕ with Bermuda shorts оr ѕроrting a tаnk undеr thаt lоwсut t-ѕhirt, your trеndѕ are gеtting nоtiсеd. Mаnу уоung wоmеn аnd wоmеn choose tо wear mоrе mоdеѕt сlоthing bесаuѕе of religious dеvоtiоnѕ or ѕimрlу bесаuѕе thеу fееl аttrасtivе whеn thеу’rе a bit mоrе covered up.

New Arrivals of Modest Dresses Collection

$ 79

This piece is a must for your wardrobe. It can be both a dress and a long sleeved elegant blazer for your formal meetings. It has a V- shaped opening at your neck with buttons arranged down the front and loose rounded cuffs.

The bottom part of the piece is flowing adding a touch of stylishness to this beauty.

You can button this piece to make it look like a one- piece formal dress. You can also unbutton it and have a casual blazer for your hangouts with your friends.

This elegant piece is available in 3 colors: Black, Blue, and Grey

The model’s measurement: 36 – Waist: 66 – Chest: 85 – Hips: 87 – length- 130 cm

$ 59

Want to be the spotlight of the party? Then you have to get your hands on this dress. It is sleek and glossy on one side and dull on the other. It is classically made from silk thread allowing you to feel its softness.

The dress is super comfortable, flattering and flowy with a simple yet stylish belt on the waist to fasten the dress from the front and back giving you a taller and slimmer look and allowing you show- off your body and enhance your body traits.

You can style it with shiny accessories and wear high- heels for a perfect captivating look.

This dress is available in 5 different colors: Ocean-ish Blue, Greenish Black, Gold Brown, tangerine, Basil Green

The model’s measurements: M- 130 cm, Waist: 66, Chest: 85, Hip: 87,

$ 59

When choosing a dress for summer, the quality matters. This modest patterned dress with a bow on the top of it is your ultimate go- to summer dress. Not only will it make you look stylish but also it will make you feel cozy when wearing it because of its light fabric and breezy lines which were swoon for summer. It will keep you cool during the hot summer days making you look more comfortable and confident while wearing it. The dress also comes with a classy brown belt to enhance your body and give you the confidence needed to glow.

Treat yourself and add the dress to your summer wardrobe. There is no better way to express yourself than with this stylish summer chiffon dress.

It comes in one style and color that is in the photo.

The model’s measurements: Waist: 66- Chest: 85- Hips: 87-

$ 69

A colorful elegant stripped dress is a must- have addition to your wardrobe. It comes with a waistline to give you the look you dream of. If you are thinking of treating yourself, this dress is obviously the one you should get your hands on. A dress like this with its colored stripes will always stay in fashion for many years to come. You can wear it to a party, office, or beach. You can wear sneakers with it for a formal office look or high heels for a classy elegant party look or foot flips to get a casual beachy look.

You can also style it by adding a long cross body handbag for a more stylish look.

It only comes in one style and color. Buy it before it is out of stock!

The model’s measurements: Waist: 66-Chest: 85- Hips: 87-