CCC Group as the first company from Poland in Circulytics ranking

CCC Group as the first company from Poland in Circulytics ranking

CCC Group’s actions to transform the company towards a circular economy have been analyzed in Circulytics’ prestigious international rating. It evaluates the engagement and effectiveness of companies in the pursuit of a more circular business model, while identifying needs and areas for improvement. CCC Group received an overall rating of “C”.

As our business grows, so does our responsibility to customers, employees, society and the environment. Therefore, the development of a circular economy model is one of the objectives enshrined in our sustainable development strategy. We are the first company in Poland to decide to report to Circulytics. We gained not only an assessment of what we have achieved so far in the context of the circular economy, but also guidance on the directions to improve and the opportunity to compare the Group’s progress with other players in the sector and industry – says Hanna Kaminska, Director of the Board Office in the CCC Group.

Circulytics is a tool created by the Ellen MacArthur Foudation, an organization dedicated to developing and promoting the circular economy. It helps companies to measure and track the circulation of recyclable materials. Using company-specific data as well as its statistics and metrics, it provides a complete picture of the circularity achieved in each part of the business, from material sourcing to production and export processes. A total of 11 topics are analyzed, divided into two categories – activators and outcomes. The scale of grades awarded starts from the lowest E level to the highest A.

The overall assessment of CCC Group’s activation activities was graded “C-“, while the results, for which the company’s quantitative data are responsible, were graded “C”. The achieved result is in line with the industry average. The best developed themes, in the context of the pursuit of circularity, were considered to be: strategy and planning (grade B) and people and skills (B-).

We set ourselves specific goals and benchmarks. In 2021, we developed a Closed Circuit Economy Roadmap that provides direction for our circularity efforts. It includes 10 projects that we will successively implement in the coming years. The expert assessment from Circulytics is very valuable to us and motivates us to continue developing and looking for new and innovative solutions in this area – says Kamilla Budnik, Sustainability Leader. Sustainability Leader at CCC Group.