Learn how to do a hybrid manicure!

Learn how to do a hybrid manicure!

More and more women decide to do hybrid at home. This is for two key reasons: firstly, it’s much cheaper than visiting a beautician, and secondly, a hybrid manicure is not at all as difficult as you might think. What’s more – practically you will need exactly the same skills as in the case of classic manicure.

Of course, for a hybrid manicure you need slightly different equipment. Absolutely key equipment such as a UV lamp and a milling machine. The first element is used to harden the applied layers, the second allows to give the nails the right shape and texture. In addition, hybrid manicures will be useful m.in.:

  • file,
  • nail cleaner,
  • dust-free swabs,
  • polishing block,
  • base and hybrid top,
  • hybrid polish.

It is worth noting that a starter kit for hybrid manicure costs from 100-150 zł – so it is not a fortune. As you can easily guess, a do-it-yourself hybrid manicure can pay for itself quite quickly.

How to get a hybrid manicure?

  • The first step is to prepare the nails and cuticles. If you are not experienced, you can use a wooden nail stick. Then file your nail into the shape of your choice, such as. nails short or square.
  • Cleaning your nails – at this stage you will need the buffing block, cleaner and dustless cotton swabs. This is very important, because the effectiveness of the cleaning depends on how strongly the base coat will adhere.
  • Applying the base coat – be careful not to touch the cuticles while covering the entire nail with the base coat. However, if you accidentally mess with your cuticles, you can use a cleaner. The base must be cured in the lamp, the length of exposure depends on the power of the lamp.
  • Nail painting – when the base coat dries, you can move on to covering your nail with a thin layer of hybrid polish, which of course needs to be hardened with the use of a nail lamp. In case of pastel and bright colors you can apply up to three layers and harden them, so that the effect will be better and provide full coverage of the nail. Also, remember not to apply too much polish per coat.
  • Top – the last layer is the top. The purpose of the polish is to shine the varnish and protect it from chipping. Again, the top needs to be cured with a lamp.

As you can see, a hybrid manicure is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Of course you may make some mistakes in the initial stages, but don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal! Check out various guides online, ask a more experienced colleague to clear up any doubts. There is nothing left but to try hybrid manicure on your own!