How much time people spend on TikTok

How much time people spend on TikTok?

TikTok app has taken the social media market by storm, gaining millions of users worldwide. Active users in the U.S. spend as much as 24 hours per month, while in Poland – 34% of the app’s nearly 8 million fans visit it more than 10 times a day, and 33% spend between 30 and 60 minutes a day on TikTok. The short form of videos on TikTok and the handy way to use the platform with a smartphone have had the biggest impact on audience activity. Thanks to the convenience of browsing content and its easy accessibility, we like to use apps while queuing, travelling or to kill boredom while riding public transport. TikTok’s format, based on the simplicity of the message and the greatest possible volume of content transmitted in a short period of time, means that users are inclined to watch videos from beginning to end, and this aspect of the application is successfully used for the promotion of products or services. So it’s worth considering how all that time spent in front of the screen can be used for a thoughtful campaign.

TikTok Creative Center – effective use of tools

Thanks to the free use of Creative Center every company has the opportunity to discover the resources of the latest trends, successful videos, and tools to create the most effective TikTok ads. Creative Center library with top creative ads allows you to filter and select search criteria. After selecting a specific presentation, it’s easy to see all the details of the ad, the creator and keywords, as well as the most popular frames and graphics for the video’s success. In addition, Creative Center allows you to use the tools to edit videos, edit text and soundtracks, and optimize them to grab the viewer’s attention longer while they’re browsing content. Utilizing the entire package that Creative Center offers is sure to result in positive audience response and sharing, and the result is a successful business advertising its product.

The potential of advertising and brand promotion vs. TikTok

Nowadays, every company must take into account proper promotion on the Internet and social media. TikTok offers unlimited opportunities to play with images, video and the latest music trends. Advertisements on TikTok make it possible to run a creative and original campaign, which thanks to the multi-million audience has a chance of a wide reach and to reach many groups of customers. Proper planning of the ad, and then placing it on the TikTok platform will ensure that the ad quickly reaches not only the target group, but also many other customers and potential customers, and the original designs are sure to be remembered, creating a beneficial relationship with the brand. Research shows that every second user out of almost 10 million in Poland has more positive feelings after watching ads on TikTok platform if the material is authentic and sincere.

How Creative Center – works is best shown by TikTok about Creative Center:

A model of ideal and effective advertising based on the eObuwie campaign

Creative approach to promotion of their products in the form of presentation of ready-made stylizations using the brand’s products effectively encourages the users to purchase a given product and inspires them to create individual stylizations and use the brand’s hashtags. All these factors are used by eObuwie, which has created one of the most frequently displayed ads on TikTok in Poland. In addition, eObuwie often promotes its products with original videos showing ingenious refreshment of simple and everyday styles, as well as presenting ideas for various uses of a particular product. All this creates in the canon of popular trends, which rely on appropriate transitions between each frame of the video. This creates a tailored message to the viewer that is cleverly smuggled in between the videos. Watching them, one has the impression that the only difference from typical TikTok is the caption “ADVERTISEMENT”. Using all the tools of the app, creating different film configurations and communicating with the audience influences the brand’s ongoing success.

Has TikTok been successful??

Although initially many people were skeptical about such a short format, today everyone looks at things quite differently. The idea turned out to be a hit, which will soon associate nearly 1.5 billion active users. TikTok today is able to revive a forgotten piece of music with one trend or, as in the case of Malik Montana’s work, be the main driving force behind the promotion of a new song. If anyone still doubts that TikTok is a giant among Social Meida, they should ask themselves a question – how Google and Meta reacted to the creation of such an application? The answer is simple – some created Youtube Shorts and others created Reels on Instagram.

Author: Radosław Sykulski, MBA – has over 8 years of experience in retail. Works with fashion and beauty brands. Previously gained experience in companies such as Zalando and Nike. Graduate of postgraduate studies in E-commerce at the Kozminski University. Specialises in issues related to management and creating sales strategies for brands.